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‘When I contacted Pam from Organized Chaos (Chaos Pros, LLC), I joked that she should bring a rope so she could find her way out. Our home office had become a catch all for endless paperwork, computer games, and who knows what else! Long story short, as a freelance designer, I wasn’t motivated to work in my own office and my husband had given up hope that he could ever find a place to sit in there. I had even gone as far as driving around with shipping supplies in my car because the idea of adding one more thing into that room was overwhelming.

When Pam arrived to discuss the project, we added another room (so to speak) into the mix, the closet under our stairs. I showed her the wonderful task I put before her – “How to make this closet storage for the office art supplies, still be able to use it as a coat closet, hold the shipping supplies for the company I’m starting, and oh and one more thing – you have to find a way to organize my husband’s hats.” I was expecting a deer in headlights look, but instead I got a firm “OK, it can be done.”

And sure enough, THEY DID IT ALL AND THEN SOME! I never knew that the closet was that big and could hold everything they put in there. Our vacuum cleaners had been sitting out in our dining room for years due to the lack of space and now they have a home in the closet with all the other office and shipping supplies, coats and 50 million hats my husband owns! It all fits and so nicely! Everything has a place, ahhh.

The office was an amazing transformation! Now I can’t wait to work in my office and I find that I’m billing my clients right away after projects are completed and feeling good about the work I do for them. I know it’s all because I enjoy working in my new organized space. Everything has a place and it makes sense why it goes there – so much better than my futile attempts to do it myself.

Now for the truly great part! Pam and her team were so quick and nice to my family. It was almost sad when the project was done and they had to leave. I can’t wait for Pam and her team to do our next big project…dhun dhun dhun…the garage!’

~Denise Seibert, Graphic Designer www.sociallyinked.com

‘You are my hero!!!!! I feel like I left for work this morning, and walked into somebody else’s house this evening. Everything is AMAZING!!!!! I bought a new shredder tonight and am now working on my shredding; it will probably take me several days! (I even put the manual and receipt together in “Warranties – Appliance!!!) I should not have waited so long to get a new one. I noticed that you put a lot of stuff in “shredding” that I have been saving since the late 90’s – geez, I didn’t realize I was that much of a pack rat! No wonder my filing cabinets were all so full! The boys’ rooms and game room look so awesome – first task there? VACUUM!!! I haven’t even been able to SEE the floors in months, much less vaccuum them! Yuck! And, Julia has found some clothes that I have been missing for months – including my favorite black dress slacks and the sweater that goes with the suit I wore today – in the boys’ rooms! I lost them around the time I started having the boys help me with the laundry, and I suspected they were in there somewhere, but counted them as lost forever, in that mess.

Anyway, I definitely feel as if I got the “royal treatment,” and I wanted to say thank you. Now I know what the guests on the “Clean House” show feel like after Niecy does her magic!!! Now I’m thinking, “what next?” Front closet, bookcases, kitchen, pantry? Hopefully later in the year we can work on those, too!

I cannot thank you enough for making it so much easier for me to live in my own house. You have truly provided a life-changing service, and in little more than one day!’

~Gratefully, ~S.H., homeowner

 “Before Organized Chaos (Chaos Pros, LLC) came in and organized my business, I had no system whatsoever and was losing valuable, money-making time trying to figure out where everything was and what I was supposed to do next. They organized my office, my calendar, created working systems, and made my business much more efficient.”

~Deanna Devine-Sylvestre, Photographer, www.devine-memories.com

“There were things organized that I didn’t even realize could be organized! Organized Chaos (Chaos Pros, LLC) is always thinking outside of the box.”

~Victoria Volz, Stylist, Shear Beauty Hair Salon


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